Thursday, August 28, 2014

Water splash challenge to pedestrian


Ice bucket challenge is famous in social media, likewise the water-splash challenge to the pedestrians by cars is too famous but never realized.
Splashing the water from the potholes fear contamination of beautiful dresses or shoes the pedestrians wear. The road maintenance must be prioritized as it not only makes the drivers feel irritated but it also affect the pedestrians (especially during monsoon when the potholes are filled with filthy water). The drivers don’t see the potholes from distance and the pedestrians don’t always concentrate the vehicles as they are always on their own ways but the splashed water tries to reach as far as possible as the cars give pace. Moreover drivers are always in hurry. 
A year ago; I had to quarrel with a vehicle owner while his car gave water-fight encounter. But we could do nothing? He said sorry humanly; how long could we quarrel with the vehicle drivers?
The scene is especially near the Kuensel Office and at near the  STCBL junction.

It was during time of Shree Modi’s visit to Bhutan the express way was maintained thoroughly which made us assume that the side road would also be maintained but it was left unchanged.

Drivers curse the government and relevant agencies; while the pedestrian to the drivers and rain water.

Put forward so that it reaches the relevant agencies for betterment of the city and to ease the smooth travel towards office or business centre either by car or by walk.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Song for all Kings, the Country and its People

The day came by luck (good luck), I was not sure how it will happen, sleepless night due to the thought for tomorrow. What was tomorrow? A dream of my life is going to be fulfilled and I didn’t disclose with any one regarding the event. I stated in Facebook and other social media as doubt for the viewers, because I was not sure whether it will happen or not. Listening some songs, that begins in G-scale, as I was tested that day regarding the scale of my voice. Never I was experienced, not even knew the tune, wondering, drinking lot of water, googling on ‘dos and don’ts’; it was finally the day for my life.Woke up early in the morning; though it was sleepless night, not insomnia but excitement. Took a little breakfast after I am done with regular morning activities. 

I kept on drinking water which was one of the best and cheap tips before singing. The studio guy called us as 1030am but I was already reaching there by 9, though the studio was still closed. As I was stranger to the tune of the song, I wanted to reach early. Just few minutes to 1030hrs, I was there at studio where the music arranger was already with the tune and easing the music.While I was inside the studio the owner (music arranger) saw the little changes in our lyrics, and the tune was really increasing my heartbeat, because it was first time. Meanwhile the owner of studio went home leaving me alone, so taking advantage of free man for a while I was singing the song with the music as loud as I could, and felt as if I was perfect with the tune and lyrics. Unfortunately, others joint me including female singer. I showed them the little amendment in the lyrics, and yes the composer was also happy with the amendment.
In action, first time

Now the music arranger entered greeting the members present in the room with sponges fixed within the board and the board was pierced to ease sound bounce within the confinement. Now it was time for serious practice, I don’t know why I was taking everything easy. After practicing for few more minutes the music arranger asked me (male) to record first. Huh! A pair of big headphones, nothing is heard outside, I was really nervous. The man started giving me thumbs up and all others as I would see them with nervous and heavy head from the glass. Yes now came the queue music, the arranger counted 1…….. 2…….. 3……… now I sing ‘Pyaaro hamro Raja Rani, Pyaaro Hamro Sunxxxxxx<I jammed here> I was not able to twist the voice here….. It took time for me to get on track. The other members even lost hope with me, so I was cherished, to show determination. Taking sips of water I came out of the room for relaxation.
Now I am confident within me, got hopes from the faces of other members, who seems little worried. Now I sung the first sentence perfectly “Pyaaro Hamro Raja Rani, Pyaaro Hamro Sundar Desh; Swarga Jasto Lagcha Hamilai Bhutan Hamro Desh”. Now the arranger asked me to listen to my own voice, within me I said wow! And he asked me to sing the same sentence overlapping the previous one to make it perfect. It was really nice by then. Within me I thanked GOD for Power. With lots of ups and downs I could make it up to the last stanza.

The female vocal started, she gave thrilling a lot but the voice was awesome, I never know the female singer but she was one of the best singers. I heard and knew that all members the family of her are singers and her brothers were known by me. With little ups and downs she finally completed her part too. Now it’s time for duet, she finished her and I have to overlap my voice with her, since her voice was in high pitch n thrilling I felt mine was not tallying with her. But the arranger said it was done.
The female singer in action
Wow! Finally it was done. I was glad. The music arranger started punching the vocal in the music and editing it with lots of setting. He made us listen also. Now I could see smile n appreciation on the faces of all. I turned to everyone and asked them to recollect my previous day’s status in facebook? I stated that, “One of my dreams is going to fulfill tomorrow, God Bless Me.” And I, with pride, said I HAD A DREAM TO SING A SONG, AND THAT WAS FULFILLED, I thanked all for giving me opportunity.

Hail! Lord, I thank you for everything you gave and you are still giving. I bestow upon you and pray for you with love and respect. I am so thankful to co-workers with me, the team that gave me opportunity, the positive comments you all gave, the dance you performed, the sacrifices you all made and finally I appreciate the love, respect and sympathy you all expressed to the TSA-WA-SUM.

***************WE MADE A GREAT SUCCESS***************

Monday, February 18, 2013

How I spent my life after completion of college till date.

Fig 1: My Late NOC and wish he is here with me now
It was on 30th of June, 2011 I have completed my college (though it was just a diploma). The very next day of completion of college; I was (and sill) really in tension of NOC. Though the formalities for job were all done I was awaited for the Security Clearance Certificate that never got approved. Despite of that, I got through the interview and yes got seated in the orientation at NRDCL hall, Thimphu. Within the mean time I was still hunting for the NOC too. The very next day it was time for us to get Appointment Order, Alas! I was only one who didn’t get THAT. The people of HRD section called me and said that they will give me the Appointment Order as and when the SCS gets approved. All friends were attained by smile in the recipient of the letter. Now they started the planning for the packing and leaving at their new destination. I consoled myself, “it will be cleared soon.” Now the afternoon friends wanted to have a lunch for togetherness and departure for all. Many left on the same day some waited for ticket and some wanted to request if the Department gives any advance capital. Days past friends were all left to their own destiny and I was idler in the capital city.

 Friends were earning and learning new knowledge but I was gaining tears and anxiety only. The hunt was still on for NOC where I convince the calls from Department of Agriculture with extending the time with the phrase “SURE IT WILL BE CLEARED” and the HRD section says, “Please do the follow up fast.” I was really irritated, irresponsive, never like to do anything and it was guilty in my part to stay at others place for free. So I went back to village for refreshment rather it was HELL for me to stay at village. I looked after animals, worked for others; somebody wanted me to be a teacher of Day Care. My uncle insisted me to apply at Coffee plantation programme, etc but nothing worked for me; my try was all went in vain. After staying for 2-3 months I came back to Thimphu, relying on the expenditure from poor parents, which is really a remorse situation for me.

The Program Director of National Plant Protection Centre helped me to get service in Contract Basis as there is shortage of manpower in the Centre. I wrote a letter (corrected by the PD), so that he would request the Department to offer me job in contract basis. I went to the Director for help but he responded back, “there is no rule in government to offer temporary job, rather you get your census cleared and join your permanent duty.” But anyways he referred the letter to the HRD section, so that they will put in the agenda of monthly meeting. “We will let you know after the discussion,” they asked me to go. I waited for the respond for three weeks but it was not that easy for me to wait so I called to a staff in the department but she said, sorry it’s not approved.” Worsening the patience of mine, I was really becoming a rat in the middle of big cats.
I was in confused situation then, whether to stay in Thimphu or to be at village, but place were not a perfect place for me. As days passed by, I saw vacancy at Mountain Hazelnut Venture, Mongar. I sent the CV to the mentioned email address but I didn’t get any reply, I tried calling to the Organization but all in vain. A friend at Lingmithang aided me to get the number of the office and yes he gave me the number of head office in Thimphu. I tried visiting the office hundred times but all I see on the office is the BIG LOCK hanging. Simultaneously, I visited Dzong (DCRC) where I get bashed up with slang words from the staffs and I come back alone with a same gloomy face of me.
Later as I was viewing newspaper I came to find out a vacancy for in a travel agency, so I called the agency for application and location of office. I applied to that job where they gained attention of me due to the marks I obtained. They called me for the first interview by the manager of the company, he was impressed. I was happy for that, but confusing they may not be able to satisfy my salary expectation. It was after 3 days I was called for the second interview by the Proprietor of the Agency, they wanted me to sign a contract of five years but I was in delirious situation and my salary expectation was also very for them. They requested me by talking merits of their Agency and betterment of future. I was still in hectic situation. They sent me to decide fast and they would call me again for another interview, but I was losing interest due to the Contract System, so I denied the Agency.

At the end of May I heard sister talking about tour guide for the agency she works, so I said to give my name, but just for fun. But I was called by the proprietor of her. He was trying hard to send me as tour guide but I didn’t have certificate, but he was trying if I was allowed to go. He gave a job in his Agency where he deals with Travel Agency and Supplies. Though I was not permitted as tour guide he recruited me there in the contract of three months, so that I will get rid off from my frustration. This was the beginning of my career. There I worked for follow up of TDS Certificate, transportation of supplying goods, dealing with guests, etc. It was fun but I was really sad when the three months time went by. One day I wanted to visit Dzong for followup in the middle of the three months and that was the time DCRC snatched my valid CID card.
Fig 2: Hope he may be called LATE
So on 30th of June 2012 I have to leave Zamling Enterprises, but I had very good experience there. At the end day of mine at the agency; the proprietor asked me to apply for the post of Office cum Administration Assistant at Hindu Dharma Samudaya of Bhutan (HDSB).
Fig3: The sunflower I planted infront of Zamling Enterprises

Fig 4: Completion of the course
I applied for the post where my application got re-corrected and called for the interview and I was selected for the post. The very next day the preceding staff handed over documents and other office items to me, endorsed by the Executive Director of HDSB. From then I started working in that NGO though it was not a pleasing job. Till now I am working but I am not at all happy as because the management is very poor and the staffs themselves are volunteer who run their business. During my stay here at HDSB, I got chance to attend 10days training at Nyinshar Computer Learning Centre at Phuentsholing, that was only achieving moment of the NGO. Happy to see the new Hindu Temple in Thimphu, which is under construction and this is another happy moment when I am working in this NGO.

Hoping for the better place to work still; moreover wishing for a technical job. GOD, please help me!!!!!

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